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False Courage

As I look around the world today I see a lot of very courageous leaders. They have the courage of their convictions. They have the courage to stand their ground in support of their positions, even in the face of great resistance. They have the courage to take enormous risks, with truly global ramifications, on behalf of their beliefs. Yes, it takes an enormous amount of courage to do these sorts of things, but I would argue it is actually a weaker version of courage…a false courage. Continue reading “False Courage” »

The Need for Courageous Communication

I have just returned from Canada where I delivered several speeches and had the opportunity to spend some time with the fantastic folks at, a consulting firm that specializes in strategy execution.  Whenever I get to spend time with colleagues that also focus on helping businesses be more successful I love to ask them what sort of challenges their clients are currently facing.  In my discussions with the team at, I realized that we are all seeing a lot of the same sort of issues, but to me one stands out above all others at this particular point in time; organizations that struggle with a lack of open, honest, robust… and most importantly “courageous communication.” Continue reading “The Need for Courageous Communication” »

A Manifesto on Business Strategy

Several years ago I ran across this really cool website called ChangeThis, where people could submit a “manifesto” on a topic they felt strongly about. I submitted one on business excellence, which became the genesis of my latest book Awesomely Simple. I have just had another manifesto accepted on creating the internal strategies necessary to build a highly successful company. It has some really great ideas in it…

You can read the manifesto here by clicking on the “Full Screen” view, or here is a link to download the PDF.

  Get the PDF

Please feel free to share the manifesto with anyone you feel might find value in the ideas I share. The entire reason for writing a manifesto is to get in the hands of as many people as possible!

Hope you found this helpful – take good care — John

Great Article on “Authentic Leadership”

Just as often as writing unique articles for this blog, I like to pass along interesting things from other folks. For any of you that know me, you know I am a voracious reader – and proud collector of OPI (other people’s ideas). Why re-invent the wheel, when some incredibly smart person has already perfected it and you can download it for free from the Internet? So here is a super article I found on Authentic Leadership. Hope you enjoy… Continue reading “Great Article on “Authentic Leadership”” »

The Five Factors of a Successful Company

This is a seris of short articles that John wrote for Gainesville Today Magazine on what he believes are the five most important factors for building a successful compnay. Clear vision, a measurable plan, culture of urgency, best people and superior customer service… Continue reading “The Five Factors of a Successful Company” »

Planning Outline

I have had a significant number of clients approach me and ask for help in putting together a “strategic” plan or at least some sort of a written plan to help them keep themselves and their staff on course. From small start-ups to divisions of multi-billion dollar corporations many either have not made the time to create the document or just don’t have a clear idea of how to put such a plan together. Although strategic planning can be extremely complex, it is also possible to build a simple, clear and compelling plan that will make a huge positive difference in the effectiveness of your operations. Continue reading “Planning Outline” »