Why Work With John
Why Work With John

Posted October 17, 2022 by johnspence

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I was interviewed the other day by a potential coaching client. He asked me about my approach to coaching. How often I interacted with my clients? Some of the other industries I had worked in. How long had I been coaching? Then he asked me a question that I thought was superb.


“John, if you were going to get an executive coach, what would you look for?” Here is my reply.

  • Complete honesty and integrity.
  • Their values align with mine.
  • The courage to speak with candor. Someone who will tell me things I don’t want to hear. 
  • Solid business experience (does not have to be in my industry, often, it is better if not).
  • A lifelong learner.
  • Someone who won’t try to tell me how to run my business.
  • Someone I can trust to keep things confidential.
  • A sense of humor.
  • Someone who asks excellent questions and is an intense listener.
  • Someone who does not need me as a client. That way, they won’t be focused on money.


Hiring an executive coach is a significant investment of your time and money. It’s essential to ask them lots of questions. You want someone who will be a good match for what you are trying to achieve. The right coach can make a tremendous positive impact on your career and your business. Choose wisely. 

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